Friday, December 14, 2012

Why does losing weight SUCK?

Why is weight loss so darn hard? Seriously. I've been at this since the beginning of August. My starting weight was 221 pounds. I got down to 203 pounds the middle of last week. I was SHOCKED. So freaking close to ONEDERLAND. Then life happened. I got stressed out about dealing with the retreat I'm planning for the Mama Laughlin Fit Camp. Then the eternally shy girl in me went to a cookie swap with a group of mothers I barely know, and followed that up with a Christmas party filled with my husband's colleagues and his students. You what I did? I ATE. Like there was no tomorrow. I ate every gluten free food I could shovel into my damn pie hole. I got on the scale this past Sunday morning and I was up to 206.8!! WTF! Well, me, being obsessed with that damn scale, even though it's a dirty lying whore, I've been weighing myself every freaking day. As of this morning, I'm back down to 204.4. FML. One bad weekend and I'm STILL paying for it.

I'm in a weight loss challenge called DietBet. You put in $20 and you have to lose 4% of your weight in month. I have to get down to 197.6 by January 2nd to get my money and split the pot with the rest of the people participating who hit the 4% lost target. The pot is up to $7,280!!! I could sure use a piece of that pot! I've got 19 days to lose almost 7 pounds. And Christmas is right around the corner. I already feel freaking defeated. I'm going to give it my all between now and then and pray for some type of weight loss miracle. WISH ME LUCK!

I will say that even with the less than stellar weight loss since August, I am seeing some wonderful non-scale victories (NSVs) lately:

1) Dress pants that were super tight on me (even while wearing SPANX) are now fitting me perfectly. Some are even starting to get loose.
2) I'm NOT wearing SPANX anymore! YES!
3) I have a pile of clothes that are too big on me and I'm looking to sell/give away/donate.
4) My hubby says he can tell I'm losing weight and he says I'm looking sexy! (That's ALWAYS a nice thing to hear and I can't get enough of hearing it!)
5) Running is becoming soooo much easier. When I first started running back in October, I was around a 13 minute mile and change. I went on the dreadmill (yes, I hate the treadmill) last night and I ran at 5.5 miles/hour. That's a 10:54 pace. Even then, I thought it was a little too easy! I'm so freaking excited for my 5K race tomorrow it isn't even funny!

I can't wait to hit the 20 pound weight loss mark and actually post "Before" and "During" pictures. It's so close I can taste it!

Anyway, I'm off to prepare a nice healthy lunch for my son and I......bye! : )


  1. Sweet on the pace time for running! You have to indulge a bit or you end up binging. Hang in there. One day is nothing.

  2. Good luck at the 5K. All your small victories outweigh the damn scale. Keep it up girl and it will move.